Free Comma Separating Tool

Do you often need to take a spreadsheet of data and convert to a comma-delimited list?

Be it for taking a list of zip codes or names to make an SQL query, or to take data from a CSV and be able to paste into an array. At we make that just a little easier.

Enter your non-delimited data on the left, hit the button, and boom, separated data on the right. Special configs are below if the defaults aren't what you need!

Column Data Here...


Delimited Data Here...


Remove the new lines from output?

Remove the duplicates from the result set

Explode your records using this

Add quotes to each record

Character used between records

Use Tags to wrap your records. EX : <strong>

Add a new line after x amount

Wrap your intervals with tags

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delimiter : de·lim·it·er

A delimiter is a sequence of one or more characters used to specify the boundary between separate, independent regions in plain text or other data streams. An example of a delimiter is the comma character, which acts as a field delimiter in a sequence of comma-separated values.

SQL Queries

Convert a list of zipcodes in a spreadsheet into a comma-separated list that you can put in a WHERE IN() block to run reports!


Take the data you found from the CSV you bought it in, and make quick work of loading it into an array!

Your use case?

Who knows what you might use this for, but it's here... Hurry up!

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Adam Diehm

This tool was produced by Adam Diehm.

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